Thursday, December 27, 2012

Xmas stash!

Got some stash for xmas!

Got two - TWO!! - Crazy Zauberball's from my Aunt Lorraine, and at the same time I got myself the two balls of Morris & Sons variegated cotton, the stitch markers (with soft pointed ends, good for using in close work) and the measuring tape. (We had all met down in Melbourne, so yay!) Bought my grandma a ball of the Luxury wool yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills, and it was such a good price I got myself one as well! And look at those BEAUTIFUL scissors!! My partner got me those :) So excited!!

I love the measuring tape. It's got the little hold button in the middle so whilst it's all kept neat and tidy in the little container, you can pull it out, push the button and the tape is held out of the container as far as you've kept it. I love it! I've had an old one for years now and the button doesn't work anymore. Is very frustrating, since I love the way it's a neat-and-tidy measuring tape, so I'm thrilled to have a new one :)

I have NO IDEA what to use the Crazy Zauberballs for though! They're magical as sock yarn, but I don't make socks!! I'm thinking a matching hat & scarf, to be honest. At least with one of them :) Any suggestions?

And how was YOUR Christmas?

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