Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hmmmm yarn at it's source...

So... I live in a small country town, near one edge. Beyond the school oval which lies at the end of our street, there is grazing land for cows. Which I can hear when I'm suffering from insomnia in the middle of the night, having a conversation. Or at least one's going "Where the smokes are the rest of you guys!!" by yelling "MooooooOOooooo" a lot. Although we're relatively close to a paddock or two, we're still in a medium-density area. We're not on acre blocks or anything.

Meet our new neighbour:

Yep. A sheep.

Awww it's so CUTE! you might say. How ADORABLE! you might croon.

It's not adorable when it's been brought straight off the farm, and is missing it's flock. Nooooo then it's bleating from 6am to midnight and I'm not joking with those times!!!

It's not particularly young, that fleece is a bit old, not creamy white like the little lambs that are frolicking around farms in our area. If I lived on a farm and actually raised sheep, I may hear some bleating from time to time. But it would be quite a distance away, not 5 meters from my back windows.

All I can think of is "mmmmm lamb chops" and "I wonder if I could get it shorn and spin some yarn out of that fleece...."

At at 6:20am this morning, you can bet your bottom dollar I was thinking of lamb chops.

Do you live in a rural area? Or do your neighbours have random livestock on their property, grazing on their lawn?

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  1. late to answer this - but do dogs count? My neighbors have dogs that start barking at 6:15 every.single.morning. She just does NOT know how to control them. Her "control" consists of screaming at them. So. barking dogs. screaming neighbor. fun times.

    ps - this is sapphirerose from tpw