Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quick little baby hat to make up

So... your friend/cousin/sister/distant relative just had a baby! Congratulations! But STOP! Have you got a new baby present? NO!! Oh my gosh you completely forgot to organise that baby gift! And you're going into the hospital to see them later! What will you do!?!?

Well worry no more, I have the perfect solution!

Yep, a baby hat.

You see, this was (sort of) what happened to me last week! Except it was my step-father's niece and we were seeing her at a party on Saturday night, and my Mum started panic shopping for a gift. I stopped her and said "why don't we go find some yarn and I'll make a baby hat". Problem solved!!

I found this terrific pattern: HookedOnNeedles: Crocheted Baby Hat The blog post even says the same thing :) Can be whipped up in around 2 hours (OK mine takes a bit longer because my attention wanders, but still it's completely done in an afternoon!) and is perfect for a new born present.

The first version I made was a bit bigger.

Probably twice the size.

The first green hat is made of 4ply baby yarn with a 3.5mm hook, and I would say it's a good size for a newborn-3 month old (although I'd say the bub will outgrow it by 3 months to be honest). The baby yarn is 100% acrylic, so easy to wash & will dry quickly. The second blue (and it is actually blue! It looks rather grey...) hat is for more a 3-6 month old (again, I predict a bub would grow out of it by 6 months) and was made with a 80% cotton-bamboo, 20% acrylic yarn with a 4mm hook. It would have easily been around 25% bigger than the little green hat.

I can't recommend the pattern enough. So simple, enough for a beginner to follow along easily.

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