Friday, March 1, 2013

Out and About in Melbourne-Town

Went into Melbourne yesterday to have lunch with my step-dad since he was over from Perth.

After I demonstrated that the awesome phone he bought me could take great pictures, he couldn't quite get the camera on my phone working (don't judge, it's SUPER tricky - half of my photos turn out blurry (see below!) as well!), so I showed him how to take a selfie :) Also - look! it's me... :)

We had a lovely day ;)

On my way back to the train station (a 7-block journey I had already tried to make, but I was 4 blocks away and 2 mins away from missing the train, so I got off the tram and went window shopping!) I was walking up a street I don't usually go down to walk to the train station, and I saw these in a window!

How cute are they! Crocheted pillows in a STORE DISPLAY that is not a craft store!

I just about fell over. Crochet really is "popular" these days :)

Anyway, I thought the pillows were tops. They're not a "traditional" granny square, and I adore how they are closed-up with buttons!

I've finally finished my studying. YAY! Handed in the last piece of homework for my course and barring no revisions, I wont have to do any more work. I shall just get my Certificate IV in the mail. I'm VERY PLEASED. Also, after 15 months of straight studying, I shall be able to get back into my crafting. This makes me VERY HAPPY.

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