Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Project

Apart from the coasters that I need to make my grandma, I'm in need of a new project. (Oh, I forgot about the hand warmers. I'm still working on those.) I don't particularly go looking for a new project, but something will catch up eye sometimes and I'll just start working on it before I think it through.

Take this beautiful project:

How beautiful is this blanket! I would *never* usually consider doing something quite so ... well ... modern, in it's appearance. But my life has changed quite a bit this year, and this has really taken my fancy.

(You can see the blanket in full at Lutter Idyl)

So, now I have to figure out the yarn I'll be using. Since I made my pact earlier this year, I'll be sticking with the beautiful wool I can get from Bendigo Woollen Mills, which is a little harder for me to visit now but I'll get there :) And I'll probably be going with their Luxury yarn as well. It's always so soft. I happen to have a ball of their 4ply Luxury wool yarn in my box in a "denim" colour, which is almost right for that darkest colour in the blanket. I'm wondering if it's a bit thin though, because I'm working it up and I'm not sure it's thick enough. Anyway, I've made a square with a 4mm hook and am working on a 3.5mm hook as well.

The only problem with the yarn I'll be using is that they *don't* have the hot pink or rich bright orange in their yarns. In fact, in the luxury blend they don't have an orange at all. They do have a colour that might work for the bright pink, but I might have to do a bit of a switcheroo to be honest. 

I'll keep you updated with what I decide on. 

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